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Boika Nikolás is a graduate in Spanish Philology and has a Master’s degree in Literary Criticism and Spanish-American Literatur
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Facebook page: Boika Nikolas

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Facebook page: Boika Nikolas

Boika Nikolás is a graduate in Spanish Philology and has a Master’s degree in Literary Criticism and Spanish-American Literature. The author is bilingual, completely  fluent  in Spanish and Bulgarian, she also speaks Italian, Russian and English.

Since she was little she has started writing poetry and prose, winning numerous literary contests for adolescents. At the age of 13 she published her first stories and poems in specialized publications.

The author lived and worked as a journalist, university lecturer and Director of the Spanish Department at the Nicaragua People's University in Managua. She is also author of the textbook “The Spanish norm and the Nicaraguan speech”.

Boika Nikolás is a Chair of a Non-Governmental Organization based in Madrid and Sofia, which is dedicated to humanitarian causes, social integration and sensitization, as well as international cooperation. She also worked as an intercultural mediator and Spanish teacher at the Municipality of Madrid.

Her book "Method 7", published in Spanish, English and Bulgarian, is currently a bestseller and the author is a frequent guest on television and radio shows.

Her novel  “A Curse or God Has Other Plans for You”, also published in Spanish, English and Bulgarian, has been a great success.

Currently, Boika Nikolás also runs the "Spanish Academy", which through her representatives distributes Spanish language and culture around the world. The author enjoys writing, teaching, traveling, experimenting and continuously learning new things.

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