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Hire a private teacher!German tutoring services in the NYC area for all levels and contexts - professional - personal - flexible
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German lessons

Post-Graduate - $60 - 60min
Graduate - $60 - 60min
Student preparation - $60 - 60min
Elementary School - $60 - 60min
Middle School - $60 - 60min
High School - $60 - 60min
Ages 5 - 8 - $60 - 60min
Ages 13 - 16 - $60 - 60min
Ages 17 - 20 - $60 - 60min
Ages 20+ - $60 - 60min
College - $60 - 60min
Adult Education - $60 - 60min
Special Services - JacobiTeacher
Special needs
Additional information and experience - JacobiTeacher

Our one-on-one German lessons focus on each student’s needs and goals. The usual fee for our one-on-one lessons is $60 for a 60 minute lesson. This would include lessons at JacobiTeacher Downtown office Manhattan, NY.

For students who prefer private lessons at home or work, the fee may be higher depending on distance.

For online lessons we use the video conferencing service "Zoom". You would not have to download it to attend online lessons with us! Because our schedule is flexible, we do not charge a cancellation fee. Our clients pay only for the personal lessons they actually attend!


Nico Jacobi holds a Master’s degree in teaching and education from the University of Cologne. He graduated in 2008 and taught German, Social Science, and Geography at Kurt-Tucholsky-Gesamtschule-Krefeld and Julius Leber Sekundarschule Berlin for the following seven years.

In June of 2015 he moved from Berlin to Manhattan, founded JacobiTeacher and started offering private German tutoring services in the NYC area for all levels and contexts: professional, personal, etc.

He studied under Professor Kersten Reich at University of Cologne, where he was influenced by the philosophies of John Dewey and constructivist teaching methods and uses a lot of these methods for his lessons.


What are your goals?


Our one-on-one German lessons focus on each student’s needs and goals. The following descriptions of learning levels will help you to classify your own level. They also help us organize the teaching process so that we can create useful material. While these levels are helpful guides, they are just suggestions; Our teachers are very flexible in their teaching and will make sure the student is reaching his or her goals.



Basic 1 Grammar:


The Basic 1 level focuses on the basic development of grammar skills. By the end of this level, students will be able to create everyday expressions and basic phrases. Students will build basic vocabulary and listening skills while developing a foundation in German grammar.



Basic 2 Listening / Speaking:


The Basic 2 level focuses on the development of listening and speaking skills. While developing these verbal skills, students will continue to build vocabulary and extend their grammar skills. By the end of this level, students will be able to understand German sentences and frequently used expressions related to common topics (e . g . very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).





The Advanced level focuses on the development of conversation and communication skills. Conversation topics are drawn from articles, movies, TV shows, culture, etc. During the lessons students will also extend their skills in grammar and vocabulary.



Konversation 1


Das Level Konversation 1 richtet sich an Deutschlerner, die bereits über genügend passive Sprachkenntnisse verfügen, um die Sprache zu konsumieren, sie aber noch nicht ausreichend anwenden können, um sich im Gespräch sicher zu verständigen.

Die Gesprächsthemen orientieren sich am Alltag und den Bedürfnissen des Schülers/ Studenten. Es werden ausserdem weiterführende Gramatikregeln erarbeitet und der Wortschatz erweitert.



Konversation 2


Das Level Konversation 2 richtet sich an Deutschlerner, die sich im Alltag bereits sicher verständigen können. Das Ziel des Kurses ist es die Sprachkenntnisse zu perfektionieren.

Gesprächsthemen können je nach Interesse des Schülers/ Studenten aus den Bereichen Gesellschaft, Politik, Erdkunde und Unterhaltung stammen.




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