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John B.

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An experienced practitioner of Chinese medicine, I live and train in a Daoist monastery where I disciple under a master.
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Meditation lessons and classes

Ages 13 - 16 - $33 - 60min
Ages 17 - 20 - $33 - 60min
Ages 20+ - $33 - 60min
Beginners - $33 - 60min
Advanced - $33 - 60min
Professionals - $33 - 60min

Alternative Medicine lessons and classes

Ages 17 - 20 - $55
Ages 20+ - $55
Beginners - $55
Advanced - $55
Professionals - $55

Acupuncture lessons and classes

Ages 17 - 20 - $55
Ages 20+ - $55
Beginners - $55
Advanced - $55
Professionals - $55

Health Coaching lessons and classes

Ages 17 - 20 - $55
Ages 20+ - $55
Beginners - $55
Advanced - $55
Professionals - $55

Life Coaching training courses

Ages 17 - 20 - $55
Ages 20+ - $55
Beginners - $55
Advanced - $55
Professionals - $55

Massage lessons and classes

Ages 17 - 20 - $55
Ages 20+ - $55
Beginners - $55
Advanced - $55
Professionals - $55
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People will tell you that my most notable characteristic is the passion for this work, and the joy that I derive from its practice. Thanks to these methods, you’ll find that I am always happy and smiling, energetic and enthusiastic about facilitating healing. Natural medicine is not only my profession but is also my hobby and source of inspiration. Each morning I rise at 4 to exercise methods that help keep my mind clear & alert, as well as to make my body strong & vigorous. Striving to become a living example of wellness and to employ skillful means within my life and my relationships is genuinely important to me. I am excited to work with you!


Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Instructor, Daoist Disciple, Lead Builder: Snohomish, Washington: 2017 - Current

My wife and I returned to the States to disciple under a famous Daoist master (DaShi ZhiCheng of the LongMen tradition), and to reside full-time at a Daoist monastery for deep meditation training and other powerful traditional methods. As usual, I run a free clinic through the monastic space as a gift to the community.

You can check out photos of the monastery on Instagram at: "YangSheng Gardens" (Xuan Xiu Gong)

Part of my training has included formal apprenticeship under a master carpenter named Dale Brotherton, who has generously helped me combine the internal Daoist methods within a context of traditional Japanese Woodwork. This began in 2017 & has been life changing!

Check out some of our work at "JapaneseCarpentry" online

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Director of a Healing Retreat Center: Southern Costa Rica: 2012-2016

I ran a few donation-based clinic spaces within a rural community in the rain forest. I have had a tremendous number of opportunities to help heal a variety of complaints. While specializing in the treatment of migraine & musculoskeletal pain, we have had great success with many forms of imbalance.

Some of the treatment methods that I employ are: Chinese Acupuncture, Herbal therapy, QiGong energetic therapy, TuiNa-AnMo bodywork, Dietary consultation, Personal fitness consultation (WITS certified), Tai Chi (Taiji Quan) instruction, Daoist QiGong & meditation self-cultivation instruction, Breath-work instruction, Counseling & lifestyle therapy, Cupping, GuaSha, Aesthetic acupuncture (“acupuncture face-lift”), Scalp/Auricular/Palm acu-methods, and Tea-ceremony meditation. We all learn something new with every treatment, and I continue to study daily with masters & improve my skills!

Additionally, I studied traditional & permaculture farming methods daily under Master Gardener Esteban Acosta. Learning to connect with the cycles of the Earth, and to grow your own foods are important lessons to learn!

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Instructor of Meditation & QiGong: Tucson, Arizona, USA: 2009-2011

I returned to Tucson to train an acupuncture apprentice, to teach qigong at a local Chinese Medical university (now called Han University), to run another donation-based clinic, and to deepen my own training within Buddhist & Advaita meditation methods. I also actively studied the Way of Tea with Chinese certified tea master Zhu Ping and helped her run a small tea house in the Tucson Botanical Gardens. A very highly recommended training method! Find her wonderful work at: SevenCups

Commercial Truck Driver: Swift Transportation, Phoenix, Arizona, USA: 2008-2009

My wife and I experimented with creating a “moving monastery” within our truck cab. Driving was a wonderful way to make space for our exercise of “one-pointed” meditation methods, and the study of the Chinese language (Traditional & Simplified). We subsequently used the money earned to travel to China for deeper training with instructors in the rural Chen Family Village (birthplace of Taiji Quan). Search online for "ChenJiaGou" to see photos!

Practitioner of TCM, Instructor of Meditation/QiGong: Delaware North Company, Yosemite Valley, California, USA 2007-2008

Focusing upon strengthening my skill in the treatment of joint injury, I moved to Yosemite National Park. This is the rock/mountain climbing center of the world and allowed me to treat hundreds of wrist/ankle/shoulder injuries both acute and chronic. Again, working for donation allowed me to gain great experience while helping the local community. Also, I coordinated with the “Employee Recreation” department, and taught daily community classes. Sharing joy was my job!

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Tucson, Arizona, USA: 2006-2007

After obtaining a Master’s Degree (MAOM), I took great pleasure in treating new clients. I began to develop a specialty centered upon migraine and menstrual complaints. Word of mouth about success was ample advertising. As usual, my clinic was based entirely upon donation as a way to support the community. (Word of advice: If you want to gain lots of experience in a skill through practice, offer to work for free!)

Personal Trainer, Meditation, Qigong, Lifestyle Therapy, & Martial Art Instruction: Tucson, Arizona, USA: 2000-2006

For years, my interests and education have centered on personal health & wellness. In pursuit of these skills, I have worked independently as an instructor in many areas. These include: Personal fitness instruction, Meditation leader, Qigong teacher, Nutrition counselor, Emotional guide, Taiji Quan coach, Yoga instructor, Martial arts trainer, Writer, History instructor, Private tutor for herbal studies, Calligrapher, and Gardener. I am constantly seeking opportunities to refine my skills and learn new methods for healing. Buddhist & Daoist principles are to be lived, not applied like a band-aid.

---Relevant Education:

Master’s degree of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MAOM), 2006

Asian Institute of Medical Studies: Tucson, Arizona, United States of America —

(Many years of university education before acupuncture school, as I began higher education at the age of 15.)


Traditional Chinese Medicine: As seen above, my passion finds outlet within this field of expression & exploration.

Meditation: An avid lifetime practitioner of Buddhist meditation and Daoist internal alchemical methods, I have learned to remain within tranquility and happiness at all times. I love to share my joy with others!

Taiji Quan & QiGong: I am a 20th generation lineage holder of Chen Style Taiji Quan (tai chi) and 3rd generation lineage holder of the HunYuan Qigong methods under Master ZhiCheng. I continue to study many hours daily in order to cultivate deeper skills as a teacher and practitioner. Over the years I have instructed thousands of students, and have in turn learned from their honesty and caring. Taiji quan is an art of clarity, allowance, and harmony; but also about discipline & hard work.

Scholastic Skills: As an educated American, I both speak and write using the English language exceptionally well. Clear communication is a skill that I nurture and enjoy. I am very computer literate, and have spent many years writing articles and co-authoring books about various subjects. Currently, for fun, I am writing books about TCM & qigong. I am very well-read, and this last year completed 365 books. (I also teach memory & learning methods.) (Check out my Goodreads account if you are interested in my bookshelf.)

Instruction: Teaching is a skill that can be refined, and I have taken care to do just that. Additionally, having taught thousands of students in my lifetime, I have had many wonderful opportunities to grow as an instructor. This aids me within the clinic as readily as it does within the classroom. Much of the job of a healer is to function as an educator. I love to use group sessions as a discussion forum, rather than a lecture hall. Exploration, not dictation.

Languages: I am a well-educated native English speaker (with an American Californian accent), am fairly fluent in Spanish (with a Costa Rican accent), conversational at a basic level in Mandarin (with a BeiJing accent, and most knowledgeable of the language found in medical and ancient texts), and vaguely conversational in Sign Language (ASL). I also have learned to speak using the method of Nonviolent communication, which is enormously helpful when making mistakes.

Clinical Program & Class Design: Over the years I’ve learned that a truly effective practice cannot simply center around a basic treatment or teaching protocol. To achieve spectacular & long-lasting results, we need to structure the student interaction in a way that motivates & compels them to continue their progress. By using methods of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, “Game-ification” tools, and social structuring techniques, success & interest of students has skyrocketed!

Traditional Japanese Carpentry: I have apprenticed since 2017 under a master carpenter, specializing in temple woodwork, traditional roof carpentry (including copper roofing fabrication), and a variety of other skills best learned under the eyes of a master. Additionally, as a martial artist, I have a burning desire to create the highest quality wooden swords in the world.

Loyalty, Commitment, Communication, Compassion: My wife & I have been together for a wonderful 16 years, & it has been an education more fulfilling & nourishing than anything else in my life.

Jessica W.
St. Petersburg
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