Bulgarian Language lessons and courses near me

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Bulgarian Language lessons near me

About the Bulgarian Language

Slavic language - Bulgarian belongs to the southern branch of the Slavic language family which also includes Serbian, Macedonian, Croatian, Slovenian, and Bosnian. This means that by learning Bulgarian you will gain access to much more than a single language. People who speak Bulgarian also understand most of Macedonian and to a lesser extent Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Slovenian. 

Furthermore, Russian also shares many words with these Balkan languages. This means that learning Bulgarian will certainly come in handy if you plan on exploring the beauty of the Balkans and other countries across Eastern Europe.

Why should I study the Bulgarian Language?

Unique job opportunities - With roughly 7-8 million speakers across the world, learning Bulgarian will make you stand out. If you work in linguistics, knowing a lesser-known language will broaden your job opportunities. You will not just be one of the millions of people who know Spanish, French, or Chinese.

Is learning the Bulgarian Language hard?

Depending on who you ask, but for most people yes. Bulgarian is known as one of the most difficult languages in the world (category 4). To give you some context, there are only 4 languages in category 5 - Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. However, this should not discourage you. Bulgarian is phonetic, which means that each letter only makes a single sound. If you learn to read the letters individually you can read every word in the dictionary with no pronunciation issues.

Learning Bulgarian is estimated to take 44 weeks (1100 hours) so don’t be frustrated if it takes you a while. It is important to be careful when choosing your course, therefore it is recommended to talk to an actual tutor to help you on your journey.

Do I really need a tutor to learn the Bulgarian Language?

Online courses are great to use if you are a quick academic learner, however, for a lot of people, nothing really beats face-to-face (in person) or even online one to one learning done by a professional.

Having a tutor by your side can help with motivation, providing you feedback whenever you need it and give you the opportunity to practice your speaking skills. Furthermore, a tutor can create a personal schedule for you, depending on your availability which will allow you to steadily improve.

Learning a language can be fun if you have someone doing it with you. You will have the opportunity to chat with someone and share stories about past experiences and your hobbies all while learning a new language!

Before long you will be able to visit Bulgaria, sit down at a local restaurant, order a Shopska salad with a rakia (local brandy) and have a lovely chat with the waiter. Stay patient and consistent and soon enough you will be a natural!


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