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Photography lessons near me

About the subject Photography

In a world where pretty well everyone seems to own a smartphone, what is the advantage of learning photography? Well, it teaches you to train your eye, look at the world differently and enables you to break away from the world of selfies and snaps.

Now that most photography is digital, online teaching is perfect in many ways. However, for those who wish to learn darkroom skills, many tutors can provide videos and presentations that will talk you through the process!

If you have an eye for photography and want to turn what is essentially a hobby into an exciting and fulfilling career, a certificate in Digital Photography could be the key to your success. Courses like this are designed to enhance your skills, maximise your creativity and give your photos the boost they need to advance from amateur to professional. All you need to get started is a good quality digital camera, access to image editing software and a quiet place for home study.

When starting out, what is the best Photography equipment to purchase?

Photography isn’t always about having the best equipment. David Bailey and his generation got by with simple cameras by Pentax and Olympus but today there are many options available depending really on what area of photography you want to specialize in. The following come recommended among others:

  • Nikon Z6
  • Fujifilm X-T30
  • Sony A7 III
  • Nikon D850
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III
  • EOS 200D
  • TZ200
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5S
  • Olympus Tough TG-5
  • Sony RX10 III 

How long are online Photography courses?

Naturally, it depends on what you want to learn. Many tutors offer (as well as Photography) Film Studies, Media Studies, Journalism and Adobe Photoshop which will expand your horizons considerably.

Some online photography courses may be about five hours long, but several masterclasses cover over 20 hours of material.

Essentially, the idea is to:

  • Develop your specialist practical skills to produce inventive and progressive photography.

  • Develop your communication skills, entrepreneurship and independent judgement to enable you to operate effectively and professionally in a range of creative roles.

If you want to take it further, you could go for a qualification in photography and take your practice to a higher level and realise the potential of your own ideas and practice by identifying your individual speciality within the creative industries, enabling you to succeed and make significant contributions within a range of professional contexts.

What career prospects does learning Photography offer?

The world is your oyster! You can be a perfectly accomplished amateur photographer offering services on a local level like family portraiture or you can decide to specialise in landscape photography, portraits for magazines, fashion or the beauty industry; weddings, photo-journalism, travel, cars, properties, sport… you name it.

Theatres and the arts need photographers, as do sports academies and gyms.  Then there is studio photography like food, lifestyle items, beauty products, jewellery, clothing and any other sectors within retail.

Learning Adobe Photoshop opens up the possibilities of photo retouching and the world of illustration. All you need is imagination and that good eye!

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