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New technology to save you time and bring you results faster.
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Personal Training lessons

Beginners - price upon request
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Advanced - price upon request

Strength and Conditioning lessons

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Special Services - Martin M.
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Campus M21 Munich Health Management - Prevention, Sports and the Musculoskeletal S Bachelor
Additional information and experience - Martin M.

e-Shape is an exclusive and time-efficient personal training studio for working out with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training devices. All major muscles will be contracted at the same time through electrical impulses. That makes the workout highly effective and time-efficient. One EMS Personal Training session for 20 minutes per week equates about three traditional strength or endurance training sessions. e-Shape will provide two different training methods:

Strength training: EMS Personal Training including functional movements to enhance power, tone the musculature and decrease poor posture and back pain

Endurance training: EMS Personal Training on an elliptical trainer with a different impulse to improve endurance and the cardiovascular system, improve the oxygen supply and decrease blood pressure and overweight

E-Shape will provide an innovative fitness workout with EMS training devices and sets itself apart from conventional gyms. You can either train at the company's facility or make an appointment for in-home training. Clients use a whole-body EMS workout which is already very well established in Europe as well as in the rehabilitation. Physical Therapists as well as Sports Physicians and competitive athletes have been using EMS for decades. e-Shape will use advanced EMS technology. The company is market leader in the field of Electro Fitness Technology in all fields of fitness, recreational activities, rehabilitation and medical applications. This EMS device is the only EMS training device which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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