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Jean F.

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I love tutoring in this subject. I have made it simple to understand for many students. I can teach it in a very easy way.
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Math lessons

Beginners - $50 - 60min
Advanced - $50 - 60min
Professionals - $50 - 60min
Elementary School - $50 - 60min
Middle School - $50 - 60min
High School - $50 - 60min
High School preparation - $50 - 60min
Student preparation - $50 - 60min
College - $50 - 60min
Adult Education - $50 - 60min
Ages 9 - 12 - $50 - 60min
Ages 13 - 16 - $50 - 60min
Ages 17 - 20 - $50 - 60min
Ages 20+ - $50 - 60min
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Special Services - Jean F.
Institution City Specialty Degree Class
University of Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas Civil Engineering Bachelor
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I tutored after school for my last two years in High School. While I was attending University of Central Florida, I also did online tutoring specifically for math subjects. I know that I can teach this difficult subject in the simplest ways. Everyone I have helped told me they were surprised at how easy it is once I explain it to them. I love that I am able to teach a subject that seems difficult to most.
I really enjoy tutoring partly because I know the best way to learn is to teach and partly because I know I have a gift of being able to teach this subject to all types of students. It is a great reward to be able to review and relearn the material while helping students understand it themselves. I have taken math classes up to Calculus 3 and differential equations. I am able to teach up to Calculus 2 confidently.

I understand the material completely and am able to easily teach the different subjects of math. I am going back to school to finish my civil engineering major with a math minor. I have helped students since I was a Junior in high school. I tutored students and friends all throughout my years in high school and college.

My days are mostly open right now. I will schedule my time around the most convenient times and places for you. My students are most important to me and I will gladly work on their schedule. I will focus on what you need help the most with, and I will show you how easy it is to learn and understand this subject that many people think is difficult.

Shi X.
Salt Lake City
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