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Krisstofer S.

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Bb Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Saxophone, Professional, Friendly, Ethical, Annual Background Screened.
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Music lessons

Student preparation - $10 - 30min
Kindergarten - $5 - 30min
Preschool - $5 - 30min
Elementary School - $10 - 30min
Middle School - $15 - 30min
High School - $15 - 60min
Ages 1 - 4 - $5 - 30min
Ages 5 - 8 - $10 - 30min
Ages 9 - 12 - $15 - 30min
Ages 13 - 16 - $15 - 60min
Ages 17 - 20 - $20 - 60min
Ages 20+ - $45 - 60min
College - $45 - 60min
Adult Education - $45 - 60min
Beginners - $10 - 30min
Advanced - $20 - 60min
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Special Services - Krisstofer S.
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Hard of hearing
Institution City Specialty Degree Class
Robert Service High School Anchorage Beginning - Symphonic High school Band
Hanshew Jr. High Anchorage Beginning-Symphonic Secondary Band
Finger Lake Elementary - Rabbit Creek Elementary Anchorage Beginning - Advanced Primary Band
Mount San Jacinto College San Jacinto Beginning Bachelor Piano
Additional information and experience - Krisstofer S.

I have been studying music since 1981. I started learning music as every American child does (did) in Kindergarten. However, I may have been the unusual child, learning music. There was never a moment I stopped learning or practicing what I had learned. I started playing the Bb Clarinet in Beginning Band in the Forth grade (1986). In Fifth grade, I was promoted to Intermediate Band on Bb Clarinet (1987). In Sixth Grade, I was promoted into Advanced Band on Bb Clarinet (1988). By the time I was graduating from elementary school, upon the interview I had with the band direcor from the Junior High, I was invited to enroll in Symphonic Band. However, when I was promoted into Junior High, I wasn't able to get into Symphonic band, as I had hoped. The period I was offered to play in band was during the Beginning Band hour. So, I started playing the Flute in Seventh grade (1989). By the end of Seventh grade, I was awarded a letter. In Eigth grade, I was able to enroll back into Advanced Band on Flute (1990), again due to the availability in class scheduling. By the end of My Juinor High studies, I was again invited to enroll in Symphonic Band by the Highschool band director. However, in 1991, when I was promoted to Nineth grade. The only band hour I was offered to take was Beginning Band (again). This time I took up the Tenor Saxophone. By the end of my Tenth grade (1993), I was once again invited to enroll in Symphonic band by the new school band director. However, I started taking business classes the remaining two years of highschool (1994-1995). Although, I discontinued studying music in school, I continued self teaching and playing every day since. I started learning violin in 1996. In 2014 I joined my church's orchestra (2014). I have been staying current and conditioning my skills.

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